Yasmine de Aranda

Growth Marketing Strategist | Full Funnel Optimization Thru Sales, Marketing & Comm. Alignment | B2B & B2C

Montreal, Canada (-05:00 UTC)French, Englishfrom Montreal, Canada
$40 / hour
Product Market Fit

There is a place for everyone on the market. The key is a strong positioning. I will guide you through the most effective quantitative and qualitative customer research methods to help you identify your USP as a base to building an integrated strategy that bridge the gap between sales, marketing.

Design / UX

Do you know what to say on your website to convert visitors into leads, or customers? Don't fall into the common pitfalls of website design. Messaging should always precede design. If you are looking to quickly identify weak areas of your website, that are preventing users from converting, let's talk, because it is not a matter of opinion - but rather data.

Growth Hacking

Through targeted questions, I will help you untangle complex challenges and identify growth opportunities. From a marketing & sales perspective, one way to unlock growth is by finding the right angle to position your business using customer-centric qualitative and quantitative research. Often overlooked, growing a business comes from increasing margin. That has a lot to do with efficient resource planning and project management to increase velocity and team motivation.

Mentor Toolkit
over 2 years of experience

This is my go-to project management tool! It helps keep internal and third-party teams aligned and organized when working on full-funnel projects. Plus, reporting is pretty neat.

over 5 years of experience

Inbound Marketing Certified | Email Marketing Certified | Personalization Certified | HubSpot Partner Certified. Working with top front and back-end teams, I have developed a solid technical understanding of the HubSpot capabilities on both the CRM and CMS.

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