Growth Gal

Sustainable Growth Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)Englishfrom Baltimore, MD, United States of America
$60 / hour
Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand and is foundational for growth. Many people have the misconception that they can “growth hack” their way to product/market fit (PMF). Trying to do this is generally very frustrating, expensive and unsustainable. Are you unsure if you have PMF? Do you need help getting to PMF? I have a proven framework to help you assess your PMF and use customer insights to unlock growth.

Growth Hacking

While leading growth at GrowthHackers, I helped teams establish a growth mindset and process as a foundation to identifying the best opportunities for sustainable growth. I'll help you rethink your approach to growth and give you clear action items for how to begin at your company.

Mindset Coaching

Whether you're a startup founder that needs help finding their blindspots or you're simply looking for a more sustainable approach to your work, I can help. So much of what we believe about ourselves manifests in our work. If you're having doubts, I'll help you break bad mental habits to help you become more resilient and achieve what really matters.

Venting Frustration

I'm a great listener. In fact, I've started a women only community specifically for supporting others through their tough times with support and accountability. I'd love to be here for you when you need it most.

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

I build CRM strategies for small companies and use Hubspot to facilitate lead generation and nurturing process for the marketing and sales team. Most of my setups involve some integration with other platforms like Unbounce, MailChimp, Zapier, etc.

9 years of experience

Not my favorite email platform, but I certainly know how to use it! I've been using Constant Contact for nonprofit clients for years. If email production is what you're looking for help with, let me know.

7 years of experience

I've used Mailchimp for small and large accounts. Everything from setting up onboarding emails for personal blogs to large email newsletters like the GrowthHackers Top Posts weekly email.

7 years of experience

I used Marketo while at Payoff where I managed the entire loan funnel. Need help getting your marketing automation off the ground or just need a second set of eyes on your own work? I can help.

Marketing Automation, Direct Mail, Cross-Functional Project Management
Costa Mesa, United States of America

I led cross-functional teams to optimize the loan funnel, increase the efficiency of marketing efforts, and improve the value proposition of a Payoff Loan. I managed and optimized email automation for the loan application, and I managed the research, creative, data processing, sales prep, production, and cost reduction for integrated direct mail campaigns to acquire new loan recipients.

Fin Tech
Yoga Teacher & Sustainable Growth Consultant
Growth Gal
Amsterdam, Netherlands
- present

In the summer of 2018 I drafted my own core values. Through this personal exploration, I came to the conclusion that there were opportunities to fulfill these values that I wasn't able to while working for someone else. This is when I decided to plan my exit with GrowthHackers and start my own company, Growth Gal. I now consult with early-stage companies to help them adopt sustainable growth practices from the start. I also lead corporate yoga workshops and 1:1 yoga training. I do this all while traveling the world. Currently, I'm in Amsterdam, NL.

Digital Agencies
Head of Growth
Costa Mesa, United States of America

Worked with companies all over the world to help break down silos, develop an understanding of how sustainable growth works, and kickstart their growth acceleration. Started an original content blog, recruited AMA hosts, launched a training program, helped launch Hacking Growth (authored by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown), crafted the agenda and recruited speakers for the GrowthHackers Conference, and launched the software, NorthStar.

Reviews (4)
Cae Silva
1 session
10 Dec 2018

Dani was spot on on making me reflect upon my challenges and understand what lays behind what goes on. I'm certainly booking a few more hours to reflect on the progress of the challenges I had and to " step up" my game!

Csaba Zajdo
1 session
9 Jan 2019

Dani did an awesome job! She is really knowledgeable in growth hacking, and gave me soo many great insights in such short time period. Plus convinced me to do yoga, to help me get into work-life balance ;)

1 session
31 Jan 2019

She was very patient with me, giving me good insights and tips, and was very thorough with the way she outlined everything. For that, I can't thank her enough. As I'm relatively new to the growth/marketing world, Dani reassured me that, yes, I too can succeed at this game if I put the work in. :)

Lex Roman
1 session
21 Feb 2019

Dani was so incredibly helpful. I learned a ton from the short time we spoke. Highly recommend talking with her.